I can haz Vampyrz

Because I can’t help but read articles that have got something to do with vampires. And this one’s almost scholarly, so it’s almost like I’m working on my thesis… I’m sure my supervisor would see the relevance, somehow:


Survived the move (which took 9 hours, thanks to the 100 boxes of books). Many boxes still left to unpack, but not so many as were there on Sunday. Hooray!
Am back at the Orifice, trying to face my PhD after a week of ignoring it. One cannot pack one’s worldly possessions AND think about whether or not medieval Icelanders considered themselves to *be* Icelanders in a nationalist sense. When you’ve got a 20kg box of books breaking your back, the only response you can give such a thought is, ‘Who the fuck cares?’
But now I’m back. Trying to care about the medieval Icelanders I know and love. Have collected new research material from the Library. Have read about 150 emails, deleted many of them, and have responded to some (not as many as need responses. Will get to them all. Promise.)
Yesterday, I set up the *study* at home. No internetz as yet, but have computerage. Our regularly scheduled writing activities can now resume as planned.


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