Well well well. Last night we had a fantastic get-together at our Clarion digs, with plenty of great conversation, fabulous food, and copious amounts of alcohol. Gee, can you tell that I’ve submitted my final stories for Clarion?? I stayed up too late, had just enough wine to avoid a hangover, and slept far too much today. All is well in the Land of Lisa.
We had our final day with Trent on Friday–he was a fantastic tutor, and dealt with our increasing feralness (ferality? What’s the word?) with good grace and cunning throughout the week. I fear Jeff VDM is going to have his work cut out for him when he arrives… heh heh heh…
So, tonight we’re heading up to Mac & Angie’s apt for another night of revelry tonight (although tonight I’m going to be hard core and drink water, straight) and then we’re off to Angela’s place for a good night’s sleep in comfy beds. Hooray!
I’ve also been a nerd today and have started doing my crits for Monday (I admit that I have it easy, especially since I’m a psychopath and will have both of my Week 6 stories critted on Monday–what was I thinking?!?!?–so I only have to read 2 out of the 4 stories…) BDC’s story rocks, and Angela’s story will rock, so that leaves me to play the gazelle to Jeff VDM’s predator.


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