Staring at a puny screen

Today, in a word, has been uber-productive.
I finished a draft of Week 6 story #2 (a lightweight one at 1,300 words, which will be a nice accompaniment for my other 5,000 word story). Story #2 is firmly entrenched in Wrongtown, and that’s OK with me.
I spoke to the T-shirt company that is going to produce our super-cool Clarion collectors items (aka our nerdy T-shirts.) Got all of that sorted. Then did the designs for the front and the back of the shirt, even though the little laptop I borrowed from Flinders for this workshop is, in fact, a small piece of shite. I *knew* I would want the real laptop, with its Photoshoppy goodness, its Adobe Pro, its normal-sized screen! Alas, size does matter.
Oh, and I even managed to squeeze a 30 min nap in there somewhere. Don’t know how that happened, but there you go.
Now we’re about to be delighted (once again) with Angela’s culinary skills since Trent is coming over to our place for dinner this evening. I have a bit of a headache, but it’s nothing that a few glasses of wine, some steak, and some chocolate fondue won’t cure.
Mmmm. Chocolate fondue. Happiness in edible form.
On a completely irrelevant and random note: my fingernails have grown quite long over the past 5 weeks, since all I’ve been doing is sitting on my arse and typing, writing, reading, and eating chocolate. Long fingernails click in an annoying way when you type, and also lead to more typos than usual. Just in case you were wondering.



    1. Thanks so much, Pete. I *may* not have to take you up on this offer — I’ve put the designs together despite the crapness of my computer. But if the printing company wants any changes then I’ll get in touch with you about hijacking your office for a little while… Cheers! 🙂

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