A bunch of suckiness

  1. Being at Clarion has meant that I had no idea half the country was up in flames until about an hour ago.
  2. Half the country is up in flames.
  3. Have I mentioned my completely rational fear of bush fires?
  4. Just read via karenmiller that Jennifer Fallon is yet another in a list of prolific SF/Fantasy writers who has been struck with cancer. When is enough enough?
  5. Have had enough of a certain someone’s condescension, over-mothering, and all ’round shitting-me-off behaviour up here in Brisneyland. (See tallaudrey for a more articulate rant on this topic.)
  6. Have learned that Jeff VDM is "intense" and "enthused" and "ready to teach" all of us. *I am a deer in headlights*
  7. Have I mentioned that I have 2 stories up for critique tomorrow? *Headlights*
  8. The weather in Adelaide, which is apparently lovely today, is meant to worsen again by next weekend. I want all you South Australians doing a rain dance from now until I return to Adelaide on Sat, please.
  9. I think I have caught a cold.

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