On the horse

Week 5 story is currently 1,923 words + about 500 words of outline (i.e. ‘Then Thom leads WM up the stairs.’ and ‘Add physical description around dialogue here’).
I’ve never worked on a story in this haphazard fashion before: yesterday, I wrote 900 words in the logical order (beginning of the story working toward the middle). This morning I got up and wrote parts of a middle scene. This afternoon I had a power nap (what I lovingly refer to as ‘going to the liminal space’ because my brain seems more able to create logical plot points when I’m dozing than it can when I’m awake and forcing the issue) and the ending popped into my mind while I was napping, so I jotted that down as soon as I got up. Then I started working on a different part of the middle section, and filled in some of the earlier parts to match.
This one’s being cobbled together in the weirdest way, but it’s working (I think) and it’s been really fun.
And since it’s been fun, there is every possibility that it’s a sack of crap. However, Clarionites will be relieved to know that no children are harmed in this story (well, sort of… There’s a bit of harm, but no death.)



  1. You’re well ahead of me. I haven’t started thinking about week 5 story yet. Needed a nap this afternoon to catch up on sleep.
    Plus had my session with Jack this afternoon and he gave me lots of ideas for rewriting Cuban superhero story. Tempted to work on that tomorrow rather than start week 5 story.

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