Friday fun

The apartment smells like melted chocolate, with an undertone of Tuscan salami. These are *good* smells for a Friday night party, especially when they are the result of Angela’s cooking.
So good, it’s torture.
So hard to concentrate on writing when salivating… Week 5 story now stands at 3,846 words and I still have a big-ass chunk of narrative to go. This word count, I might add, is bigger than my last two stories combined, and I’m still not done.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you šŸ˜‰
Right, back to it before the Clarionite drink- and food-fest begins. How many words can I squeeze out in 30 mins?



  1. Writing the longest story of the week is a good way to retain your sanity at Clarion – it means you don’t feel as irritated when other people hand in *their* seven-thousand word opii (or is it opuses?) šŸ™‚

      1. Well, I’m not worried about being nice so much as worried that the story doesn’t really *need* to be as long as it is… We’ll see when it’s finished, I supposed.

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