The glass woman

So, my story was critted this morning. Let’s focus on the good parts. Jack said, "There’s real talent here. You’ve got a wonderful talent." He also mentioned that it seemed like the story might be Ellen Datlow’s cup of tea. Fab. But I’m not going to write about anything else he or any of the other people said. The crit was about 1 hour long. My head is full, and not entirely of good thoughts.
Jack and I had a great meeting this afternoon. He asked if I thought he’d been  too mean to me this morning, to which I replied, "Well, you didn’t make me cry." He laughed, then we went over the major points of contention in the story. Useful. But perhaps the best advice I got was that I should not think about this story for a day or two, and just let it simmer while I work on next week’s story.
So that’s what I’m going to do. I really like what’s happening in this story (who woulda thunk you could cause such a commotion with only 1,400 words?!?) so I don’t want to wreck it by feeling bummed while I work on it. And I also don’t want to let feeling bummed ruin next week’s story, so I’m beginning the repression process… Now.
Angela (bless her) is making me a batch of Prozac in the form of Mars bar slice. Stuffing yourself full of chocolate really helps you repress.
On an up note, I got the edited proofs back of ‘Commonplace Sacrifices’, which I sold to On Spec last year, and the editor said that it was a "pleasure to work on" and that he "very much enjoyed my story" as well as my "masterful use of English!"
I think the fates are keeping things in balance for me: one hard crit = one very flattering email from an editor.



  1. Sympathies. The downside of the hard crit days is that there are hard crits. The upside is that you get to bounce back and be awesome (and generally a hard crit from someone like Jack will mean that you bounce back *even more awesome than before*).

      1. As we knew you would 🙂
        The other thing it helps to remember: no-one ever spends an hour critting a story because it’s shit. They do it because there’s the seed of something mindblowing there and they’ll do anything they can to bring it out and make it work.

      2. Hmmmm, Angela said a similar thing earlier. I’m beginning to suspect that the two of you have conspired to make me feel better… (thanks for that!) 🙂

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