In which I avoid critting…

While having dinner tonight, I realised that I was so productive today because I had been unconsciously tapping into the fury of writing energy bursting out of Angela’s room all afternoon…
Every day this week, my brain has been in deep freeze.
Ideas? What?
Fluid sentences? Not appearing they were.
Story? How ’bout a paragraph?
Last night, the word count on my Week Two story was 1,200. (1,200 painful, brain-breaking words.)
But while Cyclone Angela was churning out a word storm this afternoon, I added a cool grand to my story. So, naturally, the logical conclusion is that I subconsciously found a way to piggyback her mojo.
It’s either that, or the pretty dress I bought after lunch is actually an enchanted story-writing frock that magically makes words appear on the screen.

4 thoughts on “In which I avoid critting…

  1. Well done on cranking out the words! With you two together, I have no doubt that by week 6 you will have owned the course, as well as blasted out one brain-shatteringly good collaboration.
    I would advise you not to worry too much re word counts, just try and tell your story and worry about that stuff later. Sometimes, ye olde word count is less of a milestone than a millstone 🙂

  2. It’s all down to the dress. Rely on the dress as there’s an excellent chance that the Angela source may suffer a brown-out before long 🙂
    It’s an excellent dress, too 🙂

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