Weekendy goodness

I feel refreshed.
Angela and I escaped to the wonderful retreat of her house for the weekend, and I feel SO relaxed, rejuvenated, ready for the week to come as a result.
Saturday ROCKED.
We woke up early and went into town. I had a nice chat with Chad on the phone and did some browsing while Angela was enjoying some well-deserved pampering and then we went for a lovely brunch with Ron (who I now love because he is hilarious and eats Nanaimo bars. And he gave me a book, which means I will be his friend forever.) After enjoying some bakery treats, Angela and I walked down to the GOMA and enjoyed the hell out of ‘Contemporary Australia: Optimism’, an exhibit of more than 60 new/emerging artists’ works based on the theme of ‘Optimism.’ Anna Platten’s paintings were my favourites, closely followed by the ‘sculpture’ of the old Queenslander house. The mind boggles at the genius of some of these artists, and the artworks were hung and/or placed with such expertise that I want to kiss the exhibit’s director. If you’re in Brisbane and love art (or even remotely like it) then GO. NOW.
Here’s one of Platten’s paintings, just to tantalise you (snurched from tallaudrey)

After GOMA, we headed back to Angela’s for a Dr Who marathon. How could you not be happy after about 8 hours of Christopher Eccleston?
Finished my Week Two story on Friday; let it mull, simmer, percolate over the weekend, and have made some Important Changes and Additions. Angela printed it out for me, so I’ll go over it with a fine-tuned pen and will submit it tomorrow.
Week Three story is in my brain, ending and all, and is making me happy.
Crits for tomorrow are done, apart from Angela’s story (it’s my ‘reward’ and I want to devote much time to it — after I eat lots of BBQ’d goodies.)
Happy happy, joy joy.*
Off to a BBQ now with other Clarionites šŸ™‚

*For now


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