Mojo is returning, slowly.

Next time my brain bottlenecks (such a great way to describe it) the first thing I’m going to do is start chatting with Angela while I make dinner. I’m positive that’s what fixed it (OK, well, ‘fixed’ might be too strong a word, considering my new story is currently about 400 words long–but our chat definitely made the plot click into place and allowed ideas to flow once more. Thanks, ma belle!) So the as-yet-untitled new story is happening, in dribs and drabs. But it’s definitely happening — hooray!
The crit of my first story went really well yesterday! I was so happy with the feedback, and with the enthusiastic response I got for the ideas, etc. Sean’s advice in our ‘individual session’ yesterday was fabulous–on novel writing, on cracking the market, on writing strategies and more about yesterday’s story. So encouraging! He’ll be joining Angela, Steve, Alex and I for dinner at our apartment tonight so I’m sure we’ll be picking his brain even further whilst plying him with kangaroo stir-fry and booze 😉
OK, shower’s ready, so here are my haikus (I’m going to write the second one on the board only, which is a remix of one of yesterday’s story, haiku-style):

Damned humidity.
Adelaidean skin cries
and dreams of dry air.


And the second one:
Zombie remembers–
with brief flashes of colour
–the living are warm.


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