Info Dump

  1. Christmasified the house last night, finally. My tree is purdy.
  2. Did all of my Christmas shopping today. V. excited to give Dr Chad his gifts.
  3. Volunteered to send a story for week one crits at Clarion, and have to send the story by next week. I’ve decided that there are a few options for this:
    1. Write a new piece and send it by next week. This is plan (A) and I’m running with it — wrote 800 words this afternoon, will make them reproduce tomorrow afternoon. I’m liking this one. It’s giving me butterflies, so I want to spew them out in word form. Soon. Still, Monday and Tuesday will see me editing, tweaking, possibly pulling my hair out. In the event of hair-pullage, I will:
    2. resort to plan (B), which is finish the edits I’m doing on a different story at the moment and submit that one instead. If I’m not happy with these edits,I’ll:
    3. flip to plan (C), which is finish ‘No Ordinary Coward’ and send it off. If that is still unsatisfactory, I’ll:
    4. go to plan (D) — the last resort plan which involves sending off the story Ann VDM rejected the other day, to see if there’s anything I can do to improve it. This is the LAST resort, because Sean Williams has already read this story, so I don’t particularly want to bore him straight off the bat. Let the boredom come from some other quarter, not mine. Besides, I’m happy with plan (A).
  4. Going to wrap pressies tonight because I like looking at them under the tree. I’m a pathetic Christmas tragic, I know.
  5. My supervisor was pleased with my thesis efforts, so now I can totally neglect my chapter until Feb. Score.
  6. Have decided that my New Year’s resolution is going to be an easy one: keep a list of all of the books I’ve read for fun throughout the year, then compare the ‘fun’ list with the ‘thesis’ list to see how much of a slacker I am. Then I will reward myself for being a slacker if my ‘fun’ list wins. Win-win is what 2009 is all about, folks.

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