Hooray for Plan A!

New Story: drafted. It’s amazing how focused my brain can be when I’ve switched off the thesis side of it. The Story weighs in at about 2,500 words — I’m so stoked that I managed to keep it to under 3,000. Don’t know what it’s called yet, but that’ll come (I hope). Woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning thinking about titles, and fell into a disgusted sleep when nothing brilliant popped into my brain. I want to go over The Story today and tomorrow, fill in some blanks, tighten some phrases, etc but then I’ll email it off to Robert by Christmas Eve.
So today looks like this:

  1. Begin (and hopefully complete) the graphic design work I’m doing for the SLC. Worse comes to worst, it’ll get finished tomorrow.
  2. Edit, tweak, come up with a title for Week One story.
  3. Put the dishes away so that Chad can make a two-nut chocolate torte when he gets home from work tonight. Yum yum.
  4. A mosquito with white stripey legs just had the gall to land on my hand while I was typing! Bastardo! And, what’s worse, I didn’t manage to squash him with rage… Do mosquitoes usually have stripey legs? And where did he go?? Anyway…
  5. Meeting Miss Black and Katikins in the city for dinner tonight and possibly a Christmasy drink (maybe. I’m still afraid of drinks after last weekend’s Pink Demon Drink fiasco.)

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