Good and bad

The good: Surprise holiday was great. We went up to Burra (dusty, ghosty, late 19thC mine town SA) and had a lovely time ignoring reality for a few days. Now we’re house-sitting for KC, taking care of the menagerie (2 cats, 2 bunnies, billions of fish, and a yabbie) and also taking long bubble baths in her newly installed spa-bath (I’m trying to ignore the fact that it took A LOT of water to fill that gigantic tub…)

The bad: ‘Singing Breath’ was a no-go for Clockwork Phoenix. Boo hoo hoo. Should’ve waited until morning to check my email… 😦 And I usually like to immediately send the Untaken stories back out into the world — but since my Favourites are not on KC’s computer, this will prove to be more challenging than I’d like. Will send ‘SBITD’ elsewhere in the morning (when I’m at work and ostensibly ‘working’.)

Rejections make the Sunday Blues a bit too ultramarine, if you ask me 😦



    1. You make me smile πŸ™‚
      Methinks I’ve just missed the submissions window for Interfictions, but I’ve sent it off to Fantasy (long shot, but what the hell). Was thinking Strange Horizons would be my next port of call…

      1. Yes … and I thought of another one that has slipped out of my damned, brain – oh, Weird Tales! Reckon Ann VDM would love this. And maybe ONSPEC (they pay good). xxx

      2. Yep, Weird Tales would be awesome. Ann VDM is currently holding a story of mine for a ‘second reading’, so I don’t think I can submit anything else to them until I hear about the first one…

      3. Hee hee — that sounds so much nicer than what I was thinking! I was thinking that ‘second reading’ was actually a code way of saying ‘I haven’t read it yet…’ LOL. Hobbity breakfast is much more fun! πŸ™‚

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