Surprise holiday!

Today has been, well, pretty damned great.

  1. Did minimal thesis work, but couldn’t care less. Pressure will be applied next week. This week it’s all butterflies and bunnies. And chocolate cocktails.
  2. Finbar is a boy, which makes me happy.
  3. Met up with jasonfischer for an excellent chat about Clarion (thanks, He Who Zombifies Camels!) The ratio of nervousness to excitement about Clarion is currently 30:70* as a result of this chat. Plus, had a chai latte that tasted like cake.
  4. Afterwards, met up with B & A for a nerd session, which involved much blabbing about theses but also the consumption of chocolate cocktails.
  5. And tomorrow morning I am being whisked away on a Surprise Holiday Weekend with Monsieur Chad! Don’t know where we’re going, but we’ll be back on Sunday. I like being whisked! Whisk whisk whisk!
  6. Got an ‘Honourable Mention’ on random_alex ‘s Last Short Story list of Aussie favourites for 2008. 🙂
  7. Figured out why the character in my short short needs an arrow.

All will be quiet while I am being whisked… Sleep tight 🙂

*This ratio is subject to change without warning and without rational cause.



  1. No worries mate, anytime! Good luck with everything and please don’t feel nervous. Instead, you should feel like a literary juggernaut about to blast through the doors of success 🙂

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