More weirdness

Went to the launch, which was lovely. I got thanked *twice* for designing the website (I did the design, mind you, not the programming — I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do all of that crap. I can Dreamweave, but nothing fancier…). Was happy that they were happy.
Before the thank-fest began, one of the professors asked if I’d do the graphic design for a collection of essays he’s editing. More paid work! I get to make pretty pictures, play with fonts, and satiate my anal-retentive need for proper page layouts — and I will get paid to do it! Yeeeeeeah!
PLUS, I’ve been given a copy of David Malouf’s collected stories to review for the journal — and the best part (apart from reading the book) is that the review isn’t due until March. Score.

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