Why I should have gone to bed…

Here’s hoping the editor of Clockwork Phoenix has a sense of humour…
I was trying to forward ‘Singing Breath’ from one email address to another, and didn’t realise that Gmail automatically forwards emails to ALL previous recipients of that email. SO, when I clicked ‘send’ to myself, Gmail sent the email (with the original ‘Please consider this story’ email message) BACK TO MIKE ALLEN!
D’OH isn’t strong enough to express how stupid I feel right now!! Not only did he send a lovely rejection, which clearly stated that submissions were now closed, but I had to go and send the EXACT SAME EMAIL back to him!

What’s worse: I was starting to write a new message, with other potential markets for this story, IN THE EMAIL THAT GOT SEND BACK TO MIKE ALLEN.

Frickin’ idiot, that’s me.
So I sent a ‘thanks for your rejection email’ email to him, hoping that that would SOMEHOW cover up my blunder (I know it won’t.)



  1. No worries! (Actually. all that came through was your “thank you.”)
    I’ll tell you: I once had an incident wherein I was submitting a poem via e-mail, and I cut and pasted, as everyone does now, but forgot to change the name of the editor.
    The new editor took great umbrage at this (it was a small press mag, no one major) … and didn’t even respond to my repeated apologies … which ultimately had the effect of making me decide that the guy was such a jerk that it probably wasn’t worth submitting to him in the first place. And, while it might not have had anything to do with the editor’s “jerk-ness,” not long after his zine went under anyway. And the poem, of course, sold somewhere else.
    The sort-of moral of this story is, I see no point in getting worked up over small stuff. It would reflect badly on me.

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