Why I should have gone to bed…

Here’s hoping the editor of Clockwork Phoenix has a sense of humour…
I was trying to forward ‘Singing Breath’ from one email address to another, and didn’t realise that Gmail automatically forwards emails to ALL previous recipients of that email. SO, when I clicked ‘send’ to myself, Gmail sent the email (with the original ‘Please consider this story’ email message) BACK TO MIKE ALLEN!
D’OH isn’t strong enough to express how stupid I feel right now!! Not only did he send a lovely rejection, which clearly stated that submissions were now closed, but I had to go and send the EXACT SAME EMAIL back to him!

What’s worse: I was starting to write a new message, with other potential markets for this story, IN THE EMAIL THAT GOT SEND BACK TO MIKE ALLEN.

Frickin’ idiot, that’s me.
So I sent a ‘thanks for your rejection email’ email to him, hoping that that would SOMEHOW cover up my blunder (I know it won’t.)

2 thoughts on “Why I should have gone to bed…

  1. No worries! (Actually. all that came through was your “thank you.”)
    I’ll tell you: I once had an incident wherein I was submitting a poem via e-mail, and I cut and pasted, as everyone does now, but forgot to change the name of the editor.
    The new editor took great umbrage at this (it was a small press mag, no one major) … and didn’t even respond to my repeated apologies … which ultimately had the effect of making me decide that the guy was such a jerk that it probably wasn’t worth submitting to him in the first place. And, while it might not have had anything to do with the editor’s “jerk-ness,” not long after his zine went under anyway. And the poem, of course, sold somewhere else.
    The sort-of moral of this story is, I see no point in getting worked up over small stuff. It would reflect badly on me.

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