Chicken kiev, barnacles, and tinselworms…

Bill Bailey is a genius.

My face still hurts from laughing so much at his show last night. I laughed so hard and at such length that I was completely dehydrated by the end of the night (which had nothing to do with the multiple glasses of wine we’d had at dinner beforehand…) Each time Bill took a sip of his water on stage (the bottle that hadn’t been ‘poisoned’ by a cheeky South Australian fly, that is) my mouth flapped up and down with envy (and, of course, with gales of laughter).

My favourite bits: an imitation of a cat rummaging around in a dumpster finding chicken kiev and subsequently getting scalding garlic butter in its eyes; Satan singing Lionel Richie’s ‘Three Times a Lady’; and Bill’s prowess at dealing with hecklers. In fact, the whole thing was my favourite bit. He rocks.

What an excellent way to spend a Thursday night. In fact, if I was Empress of the Universe (stay tuned for that one) I would designate Thursday night as ‘Bill Bailey Night’. The world would be a better, and much jollier, place to be then.


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