Things are busy, and exciting. I still haven’t gotten over the buzz of being accepted into Clarion — in fact, I’ve started dreaming about it already. (Literally. I had a dream last night that the whole thing came and went, and it felt like I missed it all because it went so quickly. Somehow I don’t think the real deal with be quite like that. And then I dreamt that I was helping Buffy kill a horde of ballerina-vampires… uh … I really don’t think Clarion’ll be like that.)
Dr Sexington and I are going to see Bill Bailey tomorrow night — can’t wait! The bug-eyed druid troll-progeny actually looks remarkably like Dr Sexington (although Chad hates it when I point that out, mostly because BB has an impressive receding hairline and is about 15 kilos heavier around the waistline. Still. The resemblance is hilarious, especially after Chad’s had a few.)
I’ve got a meeting with the Writing Quartet on Sunday, which means I have to get a draft done of one of the stories I’m preparing for submission by Thursday, so that the Quartet has time to read it (and comment on it) by Sunday. Which also means I’ve got to chop about 1,500 words out of this massive story so that they don’t die of (1) boredom, (2) eye-strain leading to head implosion, (3) a renegade strain of tendonitis from holding such a weighty story, or (4) a combination of all (or none) of the above.
Plus, this morning I received an email from DF about my Canterbury 2100 story — it’s nearly all done and dusted, and I’m incredibly impressed with the amount of work he’s put into this project. I can’t wait to see the final thing! I’ve just got to send him a few changes (and my bio) by tomorrow and voila! I can bid farewell to that story and watch it makes it ambling way out into the world.
I’ve got to review Kim Westwood’s The Daughters of Moab for the ABR — stay tuned for that one (I only received the book two days ago. The jacket is stunning; can’t say what I think of the book’s guts yet though.) I’ve also got two reviews to do for the Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association (Actually, since that is my evil twin’s domain, I won’t say much more about them here.)
On a more frivolous note, our parcels arrived from Canada this week! Now I’ve got lots more to read (bless those cheap Canadian bookshops!) and a hearty supply of maple syrup and maple candy to see me through until my next jaunt to Canada (which may be sooner than I think, if the hints my mom has been dropping about my sister’s impending marriage are more than mere speculation…)
Now I just have to wait for about, oh, 11 more boxes to arrive and I will be a happy (and impoverished) book nerd for the rest of the year.
Right. Enough procrastination… Time to get back to Old Iceland…


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