Launched! (Brisbane edition)

Me and Rob
Me and Rob
Me and Rob

Well, Launch the Second is done and dusted, and a great time was had by all! The evening was blessedly cool and only mildly humid — a treat, given that most of my memories of Brisbane are sweltering — and a sweet crowd came out to Avid Reader Bookshop in the West End to help break the virtual champagne over Lament for the Afterlife‘s hull.

I was lucky enough to have Robert Hoge say a few marvellous words about Lament last night, before I got up to the podium to blather away for a couple of minutes. This time I remembered to thank more people than I did in Adelaide (so, from the looks of things, if I launched this book, say, twelve more times — ? — I might actually remember to thank everyone in one shot!) AND I even had the presence of mind to take an awesome pic of (most of) the folks smiling back at me from the audience.

"It's a book about war." Photo by Angela.
“It’s a book about war.” Photo by Angela.

Rob read a snippet from about midway through the novel; I read a snippet from the first chapter; then it was all about chatting with great friends I’ve not seen IRL for far too long, sipping some wine, then heading on home to recover before the shenanigans we’re going to get up to this weekend at GenreCon.

Oh, and of course we had to watch more Adventure Time because (a) it’s awesome, and (b) I may be slightly addicted.

Click on the thumbnails below to see some more fantastic pics from last night. (And, yes, I may be wearing the same dress I wore for the Adelaide launch. But it’s a pretty great dress that deserves more than one showing…)

Bris launch_CrowdBris launch_babyBris launch_GirlsBris launch_Alex


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