Blurring the Line: Cover and Contents!

Blurring the LineRight, so, I meant to post about this last week but, well, you know how it goes. Time passes. No posts. Lo and behold, here we are. At any rate, I’m stoked to finally be able to announce that I’ve got a new bizarro ghost story in this anthology, which, if the awesome-creepy cover and table of contents are anything to go by, will be filled with lots of great and unsettling horror.

Marty Young and Cohesion Press announced the pre-order info (here) and the full ToC, as listed below:

Introduction – Marty Young
Our Doom is Nigh – Tom Piccirilli
Blurring the Line (non-fiction)
Woolen Shirts and Gum Boots – Lisa Morton
Clown’s Kiss – Tim Lebbon
Seeing is Believing (non-fiction)
Empty Cars – Lia Swope Mitchell
How Father Bryant Saw the Light – Alan Baxter
Candlelight and Circles (non-fiction)
The Good Work – James Dorr
Fearful Asymmetries – Peter Hagelslag
Big Brother is Watching (and Predicting) You (non-fiction)
1-2-3 Red Light – Gregory L. Norris
Miskatonic Schrödinger – Steven Lloyd Wilson
Monsters Don’t Exist (non-fiction)
Old Green Eyes – James A Moore
A Peripheral Vision Sort of Friend – Alex C. Renwick
The Undiscovered Supernatural (non-fiction)
Consorting with Filth – Lisa Hannett
Hoarder – Kealan Patrick Burke
Human Monsters (non-fiction)
With These Hands – Brett McBean
The Body Finder – Kaaron Warren
Building Frankenstein’s Monster (non-fiction)
What’s A Monster without Resurrection? (non-fiction)
Salt on the Tongue – Paul Mannering
Every Time You Say I Love You – Charles L Grant
Honey – Annie Neugebauer
The Voices Told Me To Do It (non-fiction)
Distorted and Holy Desire – Patricia J. Esposito
Nita Kula – Rena Mason

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