New story! Evil mer-creatures in Review of Australian Fiction

RAF_VOL11_ISS_1 Remember that thing, you know that thing I mean, where I publish fiction instead of just talk about marking students’ assignments all the time? WELL. That thing is back, care of Volume 11, Issue 1 of the Review of Australian Fiction.

Earlier this year I was approached to contribute a piece to this excellent series of two-story issues (edited, this time around, by Matthew Lamb), and I am delighted to share this volume with emerging writer, A. Marie Carter.

‘The Beat that Billie Bore’ was a really fun story to write, though, as you’d expect from me, it isn’t exactly cheery: it features evil mer-creatures and the musicians who have to keep them at bay each sunrise and sunset… And ‘Paper Towns’ is a lovely piece about an aspiring cartographer and his overwhelming obsession with maps…

If you’re at all tantalised, you can purchase the issue in e-format here.


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