Business cards: Or, On How I am Spoiled Rotten

I’ve reached that stage in my writing career where business cards come in handy. Going to cons, sending contracts, mailing in hard copies of subs — these are but a few of the opportunities we have to share our professional details. So I put some together a few months ago, simple things that were meant to look like the pages of a book, but when they came back from the printer’s I was disappointed. They just weren’t quite what I’d had in mind… so I ditched them, because, well, ew.

Enter: Best Friend of the Highest Order (played by Angela Slatter)

Designer Extraordinare (played by David Pollitt)

Artist of Wondrous Wonders (played by Kathleen Jennings)

Plot: BF conspires with DE and AWW to secretly create a set of fabulous business cards the likes of which I could not imagine. Deals were struck, magic was worked, and beauty was brought to my mailbox in card form.

And behold! CLOCKWORK OWLS!!! Fonts fashioned out of twigs!!! Quotes from mine own stories!!!

Artwork (c) Kathleen Jennings

A treeful of mechanical owls graces the front of each card, and there are also various quotes from my stories (collect them all!) on each card. On the back, the awesome barn owl is featured.

Thank you, thank you thank, dear Brain, Badger, and La Belle Artiste!


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