Readings at Worldcon

Worldcon starts today and oh how I wish I was there!

But thanks to the fantastic vocal stylings of Bob Kuhn, one of my stories gets to hobnob with the cool kids in Reno even though I’ll be here in rainy Adelaide!

A few weeks ago, the wonderful Mary Victoria (author of Tymon’s Flight Samiha’s Song and the forthcoming Oracle’s Fire) got in touch with us to say that Bob Kuhn, an Aussie ex-pat living in Boston, had offered to bring a bit of Australia and New Zealand to Worldcon this year, since so many of us are unable to attend the con in person. Bob is a professional voiceover artist — visit his website to hear his incredible skills! His voice is absolutely gorgeous, which explains why he’s narrated a slew of science fiction and fantasy works, documentaries for the National Geographic Channel, and a bunch of other impressive projects!

So for those of you at Worldcon this week, stop past Bob’s readings on Saturday and Sunday, where he’ll be performing a selection of works from Aussie and Kiwi superstarts (and me). I couldn’t be more excited that Bob is reading a piece from one of my Bluegrass Symphony stories, ‘The Short Go: A Future in Eight Seconds’. I mean, seriously. Look at those names! I’m over the moon to be included in this lineup.

Bob’s schedule of readings for the weekend runs like so:

SATURDAY 10 am: Angela Slatter, Kylie Chan, Lisa Hannett, Fiona McIntosh and Mary Victoria.

SUNDAY 2 pm: Alan Baxter, Kim Falconer, Helen Lowe, Nicole Murphy and Gillian Polack.

How I wish I could be there to see it!


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