Best Horror Honorable Mentions 2010 *squee*

Ellen Datlow has posted her full Honorable Mentions lists (A-K here and L-Z here) and I’m so excited to see two of my stories on the lists! ‘Tiny Drops’ (which appeared in Midnight Echo 4) and ‘The February Dragon’, which Angela Slatter and I co-wrote for Scary Kisses, have both been “honoured”! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!*

Thanks so much, Ellen!

And HUGE congrats also to Angela, who has a squillion stories on the list — in addition to ‘Brisneyland by Night’ which will be honorably mentioned in the printed version of the book! Huzzah, Brain!

Congrats also to Kirstyn McDermott, who got two nods (which, btw, is the same number Neil Gaiman got. Y’know, just saying…) as well as all the Aussies on the list (Jenny Blackford, Jason Fischer, Felicity Dowker, Dan Braum, Dirk Flinthart, Patty Jensen, Gary Kemble, Andrew McKiernan, Ben Peek, Kaaron Warren — sorry if I missed anyone!)

Huzzahs all around!



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