Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2010

Well knock me over with a feather: ‘Commonplace Sacrifices’ — published in On Spec‘s Winter 2009/2010 issue (and appearing in Bluegrass Symphony) has just popped up on Tangent Online’s Recommended Reading List for 2010! What an exciting way to start my weekend!

Click here to read the list in its entirety.

Thanks so much to Jason Fischer for bringing this to my attention 😀

Also exciting: finalists for the Australian Shadows Awards have been announced, and there are some fantastic pieces on the lists! (And not one, but two nods for Angela Slatter, two for Kirstyn McDermott, and a bunch of other fabulous stories — like Felicity Dowker‘s ‘Bread and Circuses’, which appears in Scary Kisses, which is itself nominated for an award! Midnight Echo 4 — in which my story ‘Tiny Drops’ appears — has also been given a nod! All so fantastic!!)

Huge congrats, one and all!


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