Ditmar Nominations; Or, Once Again I Blow My Own Horn

So, in my last post I put a bag over my head and asked that you consider voting for me for the Campbell Award… And here I am again, sans paper bag, letting you all know that I’m eligible for the Ditmars this year — and I’d be so stoked to get your vote. You can see the complete list (as it currently stands) of eligible works for the Australian  SF “Ditmar” Awards here. I had a really exciting year of publishing in 2010, so I’m lucky enough to have 8 stories elibigle in the Best Short Story category:

“Singing Breath Into the Dead”, L.L. Hannett, in Music For Another World, Mutation Press.

“Sisters Under the Skin”, L.L. Hannett, in Weird Tales, Summer 2010.

“Soil From My Fingers”, L.L. Hannett, in Tesseracts 14 (EDGE Publications)

“The February Dragon”, Angela Slatter and L.L. Hannett, in Scary Kisses, Ticonderoga Publications.

“Their Own Executioners”, L.L. Hannett, in ChiZine 45.

“Tiny Drops”, L.L. Hannett, in Midnight Echo 4.

“Unlocking the God”, L.L. Hannett, in Electric Velocipede 21/22.

“Weightless”, L.L. Hannett, in Sprawl, Twelfth Planet Press.

I was also delighted to discover that I’m eligible in the Best Artwork category, for the graphic design I did for Angela Slatter’s wonderful book of short stories, The Girl With No Hands and Other Tales. It didn’t even cross my mind that I might be nominated for an award for this cover, so it’s really cool to see this on the list.

Finally, I have to admit to squeeeeeeeeing just a bit to see my name on the list for Best New Talent (along with some fabulous authors, artists and reviewers)! How cool!!

The official Ditmar Nomination form can be filled out here — so that’s Hannett: two ‘n’s and two ‘t’s… Y’know, just in case… 😉

Please let me know (either via Facebook or via email lisa dot hannett at gmail dot com) if you’d like reading copies of any of these stories — and this goes for Campbell nominations too — because I’d be more than happy to send some your way.

Thanks (again)!


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