Commonplace Sacrifices

I sold this story about 18 months ago, and at last it has come out in the Winter 2009 issue of On Spec! Hooray!

Check out the groovy cover:

My favourite part is the mutant rabbit. (I have a fondness for bizarro rabbits, like this one:

I want one.)

At any rate, the story is available now: Canadians, you can get it at Chapters. Australians, check out On Spec‘s website for details if you are inclined to buy one. If you find out where you can bu a mutant rabbit, feel free to let me know. 😉



  1. A new On Spec in my mailbox–yesssss!!! I look forward to reading your story. (I hear you sold one to Tesseracts Fourteen, too. Congrats. We’ll be sharing the table of contents, then. It amazes me, the trouble I’ll go to for a free book.)

    1. Thanks! (And now that I know you’ve got your On Spec, I will keep an eye on the mail for mine. Yay!) And, yep, I am one of the lucky ducks who sold a story to Tesseracts 14 — congrats back at you. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the final version of the antho!

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