First collaboration — a sale!

Angela Slatter and I collaborated on ‘The February Dragon’ last year after Clarion South, and today we sold it to the lovely Liz Grzyb at Ticonderoga Press for their Scary Kisses anthology! Hooray!

This story marks a series of firsts for me: it’s the first dragon story I’ve had a part in shaping, the first collaboration I’ve worked on (Brain 1 and Brain 2 were united on this one!), and the first that is ‘spicy’ enough to qualify as ‘romantic’ (the ‘love’ that appears in my stories is usually much more angsty, far more unrequited, and much deadlier than the love in this piece!)

Scary Kisses will be launched at Swancon 2010 in Perth in early April.



  1. Yay!
    Heh. The prospect of the pair of you getting together to write spicy para/rom stories is just too delicious for words. The fans would swoon in glutinous masses…

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