Things I learned this weekend

  1. That if I force myself to, I can squeeze out 2,000 good thesis words in one day (Friday)
  2. That I have 7 stories for the ‘Good Window’ cycle, and have started more than a few of them
  3. That compiling all of the random notes I’d written by hand and putting them on the computer meant that I actually had 4 other stories started, and nearly 6,000 words written
  4. That I know what the first few chapters of my novel will look like, and that the first one is practically written
  5. That, after watching a few episodes of the British comedy ‘Peep Show’, I don’t actually hate all embarrassing humour, just most of the American stuff
  6. That Chad and I can make 4 different Persian dishes (more Chad than me, to be honest), especially if a generous and lovely Persian friend leads us through the recipes step-by-step for 7 hours
  7. That Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is an incredibly sad book
  8. That about 35 years ago, Rutger Hauer was an exceptionally gorgeous man:

(Particularly in the 1970s movie Turkish Delight —which was an…interesting…film, made slightly less weird by Rutger’s staggering good looks and confident young man’s swagger)



    1. LOL! That’s about the size of it. Although, 1970s Rutger seemed quite keen to star in bizarro Dutch films–so if ‘Point Break’ became some sort of code name for ‘a film where Rutger gets to shag a bunch of naked chicks’ then he might’ve agreed to do it.

      1. Oh Rutger Hauer…why are you in so much shit these days? “Minotaur”, j’accuse!
        And don’t even get me started on “Omega Doom”.
        “Salute of the Jugger” is okay though. And those other ones everyone loves, Blade-something and the lady-bird-wolf thing.

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