Random thoughts from a sleepy head

  1. As per [info]flinthart‘s excellent recommendation, I am listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sing ‘Zulf Ko Sawan Ki Raton Ka Badal Kahne Lage’ — his voice is incredible, the beat is enchanting, the combination of instruments fantastic. Plus, because of the crappy youtube reception on the video I’m watching, it appears as though the instrument he is playing is in fact an accordion file folder. Who knew office supplies could be so damned musical?
  2. Mr Telephone Man is coming past our place today to initiate phase one of the ‘Lisa Getting the Internet At Home’ mission. Can’t wait — not least because 
  3. I Hate Vodafone. Hate checking my email on a crap mobile phone service provider. Hate that the connections repeatedly and unexpectedly drop out right when I’m in the middle of phoning, emailing, or otherwise using the normal functions of my mobile. Counting down the days until the end of my contract with those devils.
  4. Patience, as my mother used to say, is a virtue. This little axiom is true in many areas of life, but especially when it comes to writing. Last night, I revisited a story I had submitted to a fab magazine earlier this year, and which has recently been rejected by said magazine. Now, normally I am a huge fan of the quick rejection — nobody likes waiting months and months only to discover that the story is a no-go — but in this case, because it took a few months to get the story back/rejected, I was able to gain a new perspective on it. In my eagerness to get it to the magazine’s editors, I had unwittingly sent the story of before it was fully baked. In short, I should have been more patient and given the thing some room to breathe. Upon revising it last night, I discovered that I didn’t like the change in framing I’d decided upon back then — it actually wasn’t helping move the story along as I thought it was — and I also discovered that the work as a whole was overweight by about 1,550 words. NOW it’s nearly ready to be sent out — but it still needs a bit of tweaking. No hastiness from me this time.
  5. Must write Flinthart to say thanks for the music — but first, it’s off to a meeting I go.


    1. I realised today that I have always loved Sufi music, but didn’t know that that’s what it was called — so I’m stoked that I can now plunder youtube’s goodness to see which types I like best!

  1. Your kind thank-you was noted… but honestly, it’s so nice finding someone else who likes this kind of thing that I’m delighted just to share.

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