*tap tap tap* Testing, 1,2,3…

Is this thing on?

So, yes. It has been a while since I’ve posted, and I can’t guarantee it won’t be another while until the next one appears. We are still sans-internetz at home (although that is being remedied now that the lovely Chad is well and truly tired of hearing me whinge about it) which seriously diminishes my blogging output. I’ve been reduced to going online via my mobile, and my mobile doesn’t play nice with LJ. C’est la vie.
However, I have been spending my time away from LJ productively (at least, that’s what I’m telling myself…) and have managed to knock off a 17,000 word thesis chapter, sell a story to Clarkesworld Magazine (and, might I add, WOO HOO to that!) and work on a few new stories (which are out in the world, hoping to find a home) and revise a few existing stories, which will be scattered to the four winds by the end of the week. Busy busy busy on the short story front, which is just how I like it.
I’ve also booked my overseas research trip — leaving for Iceland on July 30, heading to Sweden on August 9, then going to London on August 18 (at which point I hope to meet up with the ever-lovely Rob Shearman!) and have been lucky enough to get all of this jet-setting subsidised by the university because they can see how a 4-week trip overseas will help me rid myself of my thesis sooner rather than later. Very sensible of them, if you ask me.
What else? Plotted a novel, and am using it as a carrot: dangling it in front of my nose until I finish my thesis. This has provided some serious motivation, let me tell you. I can’t finish the thesis soon enough, and it is taking all of my willppower not to take a hiatus to get started on the novel. Must. Finish. Thesis. First…
And I have just enjoyed a fantastic long-weekend here in Adelaide (despite the f*#&ing freezing temperatures) with some dear friends (new and old) at Conjecture, aka Natcon. The wonderful, wise and beautiful other half of my brain, otherwise known as the gorgeous Angela Slatter, came to stay with me for the con, and we had a blast spoiling ourselves with copious amounts of bacon, room service at the Stamford, and perhaps a few glasses of wine too many at ‘s pirate party–where I also discovered that I had bought my piratey t-shirt from none other than Kirstyn McD (who is absolutely gorgeous AND a Ditmar winner — congrats!) and that Jason N has a soft spot for nostril Tupperware (don’t knock it ’til you try it, folks.) Got to spend some precious time with , who is an utter delight to be around. Karen is the epitome of professionalism. Angela and I were lucky enough to chat with her about plotting, novel-writing, and p.o.v., and I’ve got to say that she and the effervescent  have two of the sharpest (and quickest!) plot-making brains in the business. (What’s more, Flinthart has not only read, but has actually enjoyed the Icelandic sagas, so he has earned a perpetual place in the Book of Cool as far as I’m concerned.) The weekend also confirmed my eternal love for Ron S, and convinced me that is definitely the King of Wrongtown (if there are any copies left, buy Peter’s book Horn here), and that  should not be left alone with any Beatles paraphernalia. Also, you really must visit Jason’s LJ to see the horrible horrible goat-baboon-butt painting that broke my brain while Peter, Jason, Angela and I were having a (remarkably productive) writing session on Friday. It was great seeing Kate and Rob too — I had a great chat with Rob about our future writing plans (although, I must admit, after a few glasses of red this conversation might not have been as coherent as I remember…) Once again, the fates conspired against me so that I only managed to say a few hurried words to  before I had to dash off — at this rate, we will perhaps exhange a full sentence by the time Worldcon rolls around next year. So many wonderful people to chat with — including a good contingent of my fellow Clarionites! — and not enough time.
I bought books and talked books all weekend — heavenly.
Now it’s back to the coal face for me… It’s so hard getting back to the daily drudge when you’ve had such a great weekend!



  1. What’s not to like about Icelandic sagas? They’re fantastic! Egil Skallagrimsson is, like, my personal role model when it comes to tactics of negotiation…
    Hey — you wanted notes on some oddball music, no? Well, we were discussing Qiwwali music, and the music of the Turkish Sufis among others — and I figured you might like to know about a particular Mongolian group I bought an album from a while back… do I have an up-to-date email address for you yet?

    1. Googling music recommendations…now! Thanks 🙂
      I complete agree about your assessment of the sagas: what’s not to like about them? And Egil is also cool for having shapeshifter in his blood… Just as Grettir is cool because he is a ghostbuster who’s afraid of the dark.

    1. WAH! The frog cakes have lost their shine since you left ;-(
      And we had a very quiet weekend… I don’t know if it’s because Chad is still recovering, or if it’s because he went deaf last week and still hasn’t recovered his hearing… LOL!

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