A sign of the times…

So much to catch up on, so much to comment on (the Easter bad luck weekend, the Amazon fiasco, the parallel importation stuff that’s going on) but instead I’m going to make a brief observation about the state of things in my world lately. I’m trying to rid myself of my thesis (current word count is hovering around the 42,000 mark. Not as high as I’d like, but better than I’d feared, especially if I decide to be an underachiever and aim for the 80,000 total word count instead of the 100,000 words I’d intended to write when I was a delerious first-year postgrad…) so I’ve been at the PhD office a fair bit lately. Important note: access to the building, to the printing facilities, to the library, etc is granted with our swipey student cards.
Many of you will also know that I’ve recently moved house, which entailed breaking the lease at my previous apartment, so paying rent at two places has (to put it mildly) been something of a financial strain. It might not come as any surprise to you then that, ten seconds ago, when I printed off a section of my thesis and was about to go collect it from the printing room, I found my hand automatically went for my credit card instead of reaching for my student swipe card.



    1. And thank god for that! I keep reminding myself that if I aim for 80,000 then I’ll end up with a thesis that’s closer to the 100,000 mark (since I have a tendency to write too much rather than too little) so I should be a-ok… And I have to give a paper at a conference on Monday, which means I have to *write* said paper before then, which also means I’ll be adding a few thousand more words to the tally. Yippee! 🙂

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