More Clarion dreams…

This time a certain Ms Slatter was getting married (and he was lovely, BTW, and tall.) The wedding was gorgeous, the bride was stunning, and before the wedding began the couple had exchanged wedding rings made out of slices of dried maple syrup with tiny leaves embedded in them. Magical. I was watching Ms Slatter walk down the aisle in a shower of snowflakes and flower petals, while Dream Groom (whose surname was ‘Fisher’ — I asked what it was because I was bemoaning the fact that Ms Slatter would have to change her brand-new website if she changed her last name to Fisher…) waited at the nave, but before my dear Ms Slatter could get to the end of the aisle, I had to go and take my friend (who has recently recovered from leukaemia, and gets tired easily) home because she was tired, and then I realised I still had to collect the crits for the reception.
For Christ’s sake.



  1. Bloody hell. I had one last night too. It was all about packing my suitcase – what would I take in event of an emergency, which is a common dream for me. Now I find I’m packing critted manuscripts as my first priority.
    My partner thinks we should have had major debriefing and counselling post Clarion, just like returnees from six months in Antarctica. I’m beginning to think he might be right.
    Gorgeous image of Ange, rings, snow flakes and petals by the way…

  2. I like maple syrup – I just question the re-sale value of a maple syrup ring in the event of a divorce. Could I be *more* of a Taurus.
    Now I need to know how the wedding ended. (not the marriage). Lisa, sleep! Sleep now and tell me!

    1. HA! The ring was really pretty though! šŸ˜‰
      And I didn’t make it back to the wedding to find out how it went. At the end of the dream, you were in your room at home packing things for your honeymoon, and you put a VHS tape into an ancient-looking VCR so that I could see the rest of the wedding — but then Mr. Fisher came to get you, and so I didn’t even get to see the end on video! Argh!

      1. I like the idea of my wedding being trapped on a crappy old VHS tape. I wonder how the honeymoon was and if Mr Fisher put out (needs a new name by the way…)

      2. Well, you looked very happy. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you were glowing. And I think ‘Mr Fisher’ got his name from the Fisher King…

  3. Wedding crit
    I liked the descriptive language, but the motivation of the protagonist just didn’t work for me. I wanted more butterflies, unicorns and time cops – and where were the bloody monkeys? And Fisher – what sort of a name is that? Particularly double-barrelled: Slatter-Fisher. Sounds like some sort of machine that makes fish paste.
    It’s all on the USB.

      1. Re: Wedding crit
        I’d also like ask that Mac not be invited to my wedding. He will be disruptive and critical. And will drink all the Jamesons. šŸ™‚

  4. Married to the Fisher King
    I’m disappointed I haven’t had a Clarion dream (well at least one that I can remember).
    Your dreams are a lot less disturbing than Steve T’s. šŸ™‚

      1. Re: Married to the Fisher King
        Nor will there be any spider fellation at Angela’s imaginery wedding, to the imaginery husband … or is that imaginary? Am too lazy to get up and go to the dictionary … it’s like Schroedinger’s Husband …

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