Clarion on the brain

Last night I dreamt that unicorn_on_mars had a garage sale because she needed to clear her house out in order to fit in all of our Clarion crits. I bought two pairs of dream shoes from her, some jewellery, and several cute things to wear (*sigh* if only those shoes had been real!)
Then I dreamt that the lot of us were back at Clarion, getting ready for the Aurealis Awards, when Kate came in and said she had a surprise for us. "We’re taking you to the Oscars instead of the AAs!" she said, and *most* of the Clarionites were beside themselves with glee. But tallaudrey and I were disappointed. I wanted to meet other people in Australian specfic, not some random American movie starts, and Angela wanted us to go and visit her nephew in the hospital because he’d just gotten his tonsils out. (And, of course, she was also wanted to schmooze with her fellow authors instead of the movie stars. Perhaps if McDreamy had been there it would have been a different story. But it is far beyond me to be able to make sense of dream logic.)
Is this a sign of insanity?
I’m still working on the edits of Week 5 story: once again, I am reminded of the benefits of printing stories and editing on paper. I can write on the computer to my heart’s content, but when it comes to serious editing, paper is all the go.
Now. Must work on the albatross.*

*The thesis, not the Week 5 story. W5 story is too much fun to be considered an albatross. Maybe it would qualify as a hummingbird…



    1. I bet I’ll be thinking the same thing in 5 years… I’m such a hoarder. Plus, I nearly broke my back carrying all of those suckers home in my hand luggage, so I’ll be damned if they’re going to get pitched out before they’ve had a chance to moulder in a closet for a while… 😉

      1. Ah, but you just never know when those old Christmas cards, defunct radios, broken shoes, and miscellaneous buttons will come in handy. What if Macgyver popped round for tea? With a bit of chewing gum and some witty asides, he could save the world with the contents of your cupboard.

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