Right then.

  1. Today is going to be the first day of me not sulking about post-Clarionitis.*
  2. I have a coffee date at 10:30 with Tully B, which can only be a good thing.
  3. I have 2 meetings this afternoon which, while boring, will get me out of the depressing hole that is my PhD office.
  4. I have hours of writing time beckoning me to fill them with words this evening, and I intend to use them to:
    1. Continue the edits on Week 5 story. Serious chopping will occur. Honestly.
    2. Tweak Week 1 story, and prepare to send it to F&SF tomorrow.
    3. Send flash piece to AntiSF.
  5. Collect Eva Sallis’s new novel, which I will begin to read for review.
  6. I also intend to stop punishing myself about not writing a word for my thesis this week. Meeting with supervisor tomorrow will get me back on track (one hopes) — but first, I must re-read the chapter I wrote before heading to Brisbane.
  7. Right then. Time to get to it.

*Read: I am going to try to not sulk. Or at least to reduce the sulkage.

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