Money money money

Some of you may be working on novels at the moment, and you may or may not have big overseas research trips planned in the near future (Yes, I’m looking at you, Angela!) So, thanks to the helpful folk at the SA Writers Centre, I have stumbled across the closing dates for Australia Council grants, just in case a bit o’ extra cash would help get certain people over to, say, Ireland in the near future:

Closing dates in 2009 for AC grant categories as follows:

16 March: Publishing and Promotion, Residencies
15 May: New Work and Fellowships (what a great birthday present this would be… Just saying.)
1 October: Publishing and Promotion, Program Grants

Further info at:

Also, there is the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, which makes grants up to $7,000. Closing dates as follows:

(We’ve missed the first one — d’oh! It was 2 February)
1 June for project/travel after 4 September
1 October for project/travel after 18 December

Further info available at:

For those of you in South Australia (I’m looking at you BDC,[info]readerofasaph, and[info]jasonfischer) there are always ArtsSA grants (my 6 glorious weeks at Clarion were funded in part by the fabulous folks at ArtsSA!)

OK, that’s all for now. I have actually accomplished Writing-like Things this evening: Week 1 story is ready to be sent out to F&SF. Flash piece is about to be sent to AntiSF.

And it’s only 9:00.





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