I’ve just sent the proofs of ‘Commonplace Sacrifices’ back to the editor, so if all goes well then perhaps the story will appear in On Spec’s next issue — hooray!
I’ve done my Clarion ‘homework’ — and let me just say that OMG I love the origami story, Mr North. Mon dieu!
I’ve also gone over my whopper of a story for next week, and have decided to leave it fat. I’m sure people will have suggestions on how I can put this story on a diet, if it needs one. I actually think it needs to be this big, but of course I’d say that since I am the one who fattened it up in the first place.
Speaking of fattening up, I gorged myself on Dr Who goodness last night. I know it’s pathetic, but I’m sad that Rose is out of the series. First they take Christopher Eccleston away, and now Billie Piper. Why do I watch these shows, when I become attached to characters who are ripped away from me so unfairly?? And if the Doctor ends up liking his new companion (Martha?) more than he loved Rose, then I will feel utterly betrayed and I may have to break up with him. We’ll see.
We have a few more blissful hours of quiet at Angela’s Breezy Villa of Relaxation, and then it’s back to the grind. I can’t believe the real world is only 2 weeks away–although I’ve already started getting bombared with ‘real world’ emails (deadlines for reviews, deadlines for conferences, people asking if I’ll present at symposia, committee meetings to organise, blah blah blah) and I’d be more than happy to stay in my Clarion bubble for another 6 weeks… Can that be arranged, please?



  1. Good news – no-one likes Martha more than they liked Rose 🙂
    And you can’t stay in Clarion, unfortunately, but that’s actually a good thing. Clarion is the land of first-drafts and setting yourself up for what follows – if you stay there too long, you never actually emerge, butterfly-like, to devestate the world with your newly-clarion-enhanced levels of *utter awesomeness*

      1. Yes, I know, but think about it this way: how many 1st draft stories that need fixing do you really think you can generate before the desire to actually *revise and send-out some out* starts driving you batty?

      2. I love how you seem to think we’re not *already* batty… 😉
        Still, wise you are Clarion-master. The first draft fix-up bug has already bitten me…

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