Just came back from a lovely dinner at Apt 336–or is that 366–or is that 666?
Thanks stephmoraidandoyle, benjulien, and readerofasaph  for a great feed and for lovely conversation 🙂 Ooh, and I was utterly decadent and had 2 pieces of cake! Oink oink oink 😉
Now time to switch the brain back to story plotting before our first day with Trent tomorrow.
But first, need water to counteract the wine I’ve just guzzled…


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  1. I must say ‘ditto to infinity’ … the realm of the uber geeks (they win the quiz every week – they stand on the cleverest side of the geek-nerd divide and we can only look at them with envy and longing as they sail off with the boxes of Weiss mango bars, etc) has done an excellent job! Yay for 666!

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