Hooray for writing the *right* story

My Week 4 story is now my Week 5 story. Now there’s a *new* Week 4 story that has bumped the previous (brain-breaking, undercooked, needs more consideration) story back a week in the rankings. The *new* story is shiny and, well, new. And a hell of a lot more exciting to write than the undercooked one. It’s amazing how the words start to flow when you are working on the *right* story.
I’ve stuck to my self-imposed first-person challenge for the *new* Week 4 tale, since that was part of the deal with the now-demoted story (I find writing in the first-person much more difficult than writing in the third. Hence, the challenge). But it looks like this *new* one’s going to be much shorter than the other one.
Like, 1,000 words-ish short. (Maybe 1,500 words, tops. But it’s all just coming out, and it seems to be tying itself up in its own brief way. I’m just going along for the ride.)
And I’m already at 565 words. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Tonight, Angie, Suzanne and Mac are heading down the hall to our place for some din-din. Once again, chef Angela is catering so we will all be contentedly full before we have to buckle down for a long stint of critting tonight.


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