In which I have an epiphany

Week Four story is at about 950 words. After much hmm-ing and haaa-ing about this story (is it too slow? Is it too long? Should it be longer? Maybe it’s just right? Maybe it’s boring? Should I cut the whimsical elements and make it more subtle?) I’ve had a shared epiphany.
First, I find it hard to write things that aren’t very creepy. I like creepy. My brain rebels against sweetness and light, apparently. And the first person. First person is hard.
And also, brains can be tricky little suckers. And fickle. And sometimes kind.
But you know what’s even better than friendly brains? Being in a pressure cooker situation with someone who is excellent to talk about plots with, and about avoiding cheesiness, and how to get wings for wingless boys, and how to make Picket stumble, and how to crush a settlement in the end–and–and–and–and—
The story is fine.
Long live tallaudrey, aka the dark witch šŸ˜‰


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