The 18 hour teeter-totter

Red is for High moments
Blue is for Low moments

9:00 last night: read the 10,000 word whopper of a story and loved it
10:00 last night: read stephmor ‘s story and discovered that she rose to my ‘no semi-colon challenge’ and did not use a single semi-colon in the entire story!! (She rocks, I might add, as does the semi-colon-free story)
11:30 last night: went to sleep — before midnight! At Clarion!
7:15 this morning: woke up. Look how much sleep I got! Hooray!
9:00 this morning: 95% of the people critiquing my Week 3 story exuded happiness and gave off shiny love hearts as they critted my work. (They also gave very useful suggestions for improvement, all of which seemed to be candy-coated with love.)
9:45 this morning: 100% of the well-published, award-winning, marvellous and entirely enchanting short story writers in the room proved to be rather less than fond of my Week 3 story.
12:30: had a really great lunch, already prepared. Leftovers are our friends.
1:00: Had a fantastic one-on-one session with Margo. We spoke about writing, publishing, short story sequences, work, thesis, and all kinds of valuable things. We laughed (mostly because I found it impossible not to act like a dickhead. I can’t help it. Sarcasm and other low forms of wit just ooze out of my pores when I’m nervous, so luckily Margo found this humourous.).
This love-fest was somewhat tempered because there is a very high possibility that Margo is simply (and blamelessly) not a fan of my style or stories.
2:00: Head was all a-jumble with critique and feedback overload. Wondered how I would focus on my story this afternoon. Wasn’t sure what ‘choice’ my character was going to make, and how it would allow the story to have a crisis.
2:45: Had a big debrief with Angela, and felt much cheerier about everything as a result.
2:50: Got back to work on Week 4 story and thought, ‘What the hell is going to happen to liven this sucker up?’
3:00: Harassed Angela *again* by saying, "Maybe if I say this out loud, the story will make more sense." She promptly replied with some ABSOLUTELY GENIUS suggestions, and now I am excited about the story.
So excited that I got onto LJ to write about it, after I had frantically jotted down some notes.
3:21: Now feeling great!
Tonight: dinner with Margo over at our apartment. Yummy pasta meal and some wine will go down a treat! 🙂

Let me just point out how useful it was colour-coding the sequence of these events. As I’m sure you’ll all instantly notice, there are a lot more ‘red’ (aka Happy) moments than there were ‘blue’ (aka Blue) moments. It’s amazing how our perceptions can mislead us. I was thinking that there was so much more blueness in the day, but actually things were generally quite rosy. Happy wins over sad. All is right in the world.

10 thoughts on “The 18 hour teeter-totter

  1. I didn’t get the impression at all that she wasn’t a fan of your style/stories from the session this morning, and even if this is so, worry not, for if I have to, I will happily take her neglected slice of Lisa-story-love as my own, and in it I will grow word-winds and bird-gods. And jasmine. For good measure. 😉
    (It feels weird using semi-colons now, even for emoticons.)

  2. So glad to see the red outweighing the blue! Here’s to it still being that way through weeks 5 and 6 🙂
    Hope you guys are going okay, thinking of you and the Ange-meister. With some jealousy 🙂

    • Yep, you said it. I’m a much bigger fan of the red than the blue. And so far, things have been pretty damned great — so fingers crossed that we’ll be facing a crimson horizon from here on out. 🙂
      Hope things are dandy with you and the little one! 🙂

      • Crimson Horizon should be the name of a story….or the name of a spaceship in a story….or the name of a sword or something 🙂
        So proud of you guys, keep up the good work, and listen to every word Margo says. She is writer-godly.
        baby Fisch is going great guns, 99% of the time he’s very well behaved. Just then he went kookoo bananas but he settled down with the prospect of a boob full of milk 🙂

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