The Blahs

After a thoroughly enjoyable weekend (went to see ‘Tales of Desperaux’ with Angela & her sis & nephew–they are just lovely, and the movie was very sweet; had another Dr Who marathon on Saturday–we now have David Tennant action, but I still have a soft spot for Christopher Eccleston (aka the REAL Doctor); and gobbled up a fabulous dinner on Sunday at our apartment, orchestrated and cooked by the multi-talented Angela (she writes, she cooks, she is a maestro–is there anything this woman can’t do? OK, she can’t be a man, but otherwise there’s nothing she can’t do. And I suppose if she really wanted to be a man she could. But I find that highly unlikely.)) I am now sitting here at my desk feeling incredibly blah.

(OK, before I continue with this whinge, I must say that I suddenly feel decidedly less blah because sweet Angie R just stopped by with an improvised vase of flowers for us, and we’ve arranged a dinner date for Thursday, at which point she is going to teach us some belly-dancing moves. So it’s hard to feel blah with that on the agenda! OK, back to the whinge.)

It’s partly Monday blues–feeling so sleepy today, starting a new week of crits (although Margo is fabulous and I am incredibly excited/ssssSCARED about what she’s going to say about my story tomorrow!!), and I’ve had an upset stomach for the past two days. I woke up a few times last night with incredible stomach pain, but my will to sleep overruled my stomach’s will to upset me… Having said that, Angela *did* have to shake my tired ass out of bed this morning so I guess my sleep-power was somewhat diminished. So we went out to the shops this afternoon and I bought my first ever bottle of Mylanta. It better work because it is absolutely foul to drink–think liquid toothpaste with a hideous aftertaste. (Oh, and we also went back to the dress shop where I *nearly* resisted the temptation to buy another dress. The price is so cheap on these dresses, that I felt it was the least I could do to take it off the sales girl’s hands…)

Now I’m trying to figure out what’s going to happen in my Week Four story–and which story to write next. I’ve got a couple of ideas, but when I’m feeling blah it’s hard to get enthused…

OK, I’m going to force myself into a state of enthusiasm by visiting the candy bowl. Then I will plan what story I’m going to do, start working on its plot, and then I will tackle reading the 10,000 word whopper for tomorrow’s critiques (*shaking fist at BC!*)


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