Word count creeping skyward

Week 3 story is at about 1,350 words — which, considering the overall Sahara-ness of my brain yesterday, is not too shabby. The story is taking on a life of its own, which is just the way I likes it — if the tone doesn’t click somewhere around the 1,000 word mark, then I start to worry. But click it has (hooray!) plus I have come up with a title.
*pats herself on the back*
Now I’ve just got to roll with it and double the size of the thing by Saturday. This evening at Sean’s reading (at Avid Reader in Brisbane–a great bookshop, BTW) petermball scoffed at my well-considered-and-not-naive plan to have a day off this weekend; a plan that hinges on the story being in draft form by Saturday morning. His eyes twinkled as he gave me a mental pat on the head for my audacity, so much like the Grinch giving Cindy-Lou Who a glass of water and tap-tapping her head before sending her off to bed, that I had to laugh. šŸ™‚
Angela and I, garbed in our magical dresses, then pulled a nerdy double escape act, and headed back to KG to write instead of getting all convivial at the Punjabi Palace with Sean, Kate, Rob and the rest of the Clarion ilk.
Considering it is now about 10 and I have yet to crit one story for tomorrow (and the crew are still out partying it up in Brisneyland) I feel our decision to pull a Houdini was well-founded.
Right then. Critting it is…



  1. It’s not that I think it impossible, just…unlikely. Plus, pulling off a free day at Clarion is the kind of thing you can only manage once, if your lucky, and it seems a waste to do so in the second week before things go truly crazy.

      1. Your welcome to try; I just have my doubts – I measured out my time free from clarion in the span of minutes and hours.
        Orin Doctor Who episodes; there is no clarion problem that Girl in the Fireplace cannot fix.

      2. It’s an episode that’s truly worth it.
        If nothing else, it restores your faith in the possibility of a sting-in-the-tail ending that’s actually good.

      1. Except, your pants comment just made me laugh… Out loud, I might add. And it’s only week 2. šŸ˜‰
        And I’ll take your evil and infuriating smirking, so long as it’s delivered with a twinkle in your eye. Otherwise it’s no fun for anyone.

      2. Then you are women of iron, worthy of both fear oand respect. Not that either of you aren’t now, just, you know, moreso.
        ‘Course, Lisa did just laugh at a pants joke. That’s not a good sign.

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