Flirting with 1,000

My magic dress is having a positive effect on my writing today (although, admittedly, this is a *new* new magic dress, so it might just be that my brain has decided to play nice) and my story is now 40 words shy of 1,000. We’re heading to Avid Reader early this evening to attend Sean’s reading, so I’m trying to squeeze as much story out as I can before then. This one’s more fun than it is weird (all Clarionites can now exhale with relief) although I don’t think it would be one of my stories if it wasn’t a bit weird. It has the feeling of a 3,500 worder (again, collective Clarion sigh of relief) so I *should* be able to scrape it all together before Monday morning.
If I get off LJ, that is…
But before I get back to the coal face: the coolest thing about today (MUCH cooler than the magic writing dress) is that Rob Shearman responded to my haiku response to his story, ‘Damned if you Don’t’, which appears in his collection, Tiny Deaths.*
Coolness maximus.

*Everyone in the world should read this collection. EVERYONE. As far as I’m concerned, the stork shouldn’t be allowed to deliver babies if they don’t come equipped with a copy of Tiny Deaths. Big hugs for Angela, since she is the one who pointed me in RS’s direction.



  1. Isn’t Tiny Deaths wonderful! My favourite collection from last year. And Damned if You Don’t is just awful, awful, awful in that marvelous way it kicks you in the guts at the end.

    1. It is such a superb collection I can hardly get my head around it. And you’re so right about Damned if you Don’t. I’m still reeling from the ending, and I read it days and days ago…

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