Clarion Clarion Clarion. Lisa is a lazy nervous cocktail.

Clarion South starts in two days.
Holy crow.
How is it possible to be lazy AND nervous, you ask?
The past couple of days have been a mix of mad scrambling to get stuff done before I leave for Brisneyland (and then I get nervous about having brain freeze the entire time I’m up there, and then I eat chocolate) all of which is followed swiftly by what seems like hours of slothly activities.
For instance, on NYE Chad and I spent the day visiting such exclusive places as Officeworks–where I splurged and bought myself some new pens and notebooks for Clarion–and my office at Flinders, where I printed off all the stories and things I’ll need for the first few days of workshops.
Then we went to Marion shopping centre (aka Boganvillea) and embarked on a wild goose chase for a non-existent Ped Egg (don’t ask) — and in the meantime, Chad got it into his head that he wanted to get a PS3.
So get a PS3 he did.
And new surround sound speaker thingies, which really amplify the noise zombies make when they’re getting their asses blown to hell. (The girl who lives in the flat below ours must *really* love us now.)
And he bought an extra controller so that I can play too. (A very nice gesture, considering I completely suck at video games.)
Once we got home, I spent a few hours reworking a story that just refuses to click (inspiring another bout of brain-freeze-at-Clarion nerves) before I gave up and joined Chad in front of his new toy.
Then we spent NYE ridding a pseudo-1950s-Chicago of zombies.
Pretty exciting stuff for the final day of ’08, I know. Chad and I are such highrollers, only the coolest kids get to go where we go…
On Jan 1 we seemed to descend even further into the world of sloth…
After a night of playing ‘Resistance 2’ (I read for much of it because, as I mentioned, I suck at playing video games) we rang in the New Year by spending the first day of the year sitting on our asses. All day.
I read the Clarion stories (reading Angela’s first, of course. Can’t wait to talk to her about it in person — yay!!!!! Then I got through the rest of the pile, which actually took quite a bit of time — I’m starting to see how we’re going to be busy busy busy all the time up there.)
Chad killed about 20,000 zombies in the meantime.
In the afternoon, I did some research for a new story and finished the day off with a brief attempt to play a car racing game (never again. I SUCK.) and a much lengthier engagement with Kelly Link’s Pretty Monsters. I’ve only read the first three stories in this collection, but I can’t tell you how happy they make me. I can’t possibly explain how good these stories are without sounding like a gushing idiot. I’m going to stop talking about Kelly Link now otherwise I’m going to gush.
Gush gush gush.
Today, we (i.e. Chad, Dr Nick and the Pre-Raphaelite Ms Vaughan) went to see the Hans Heysen exhibit at the Art Gallery of SA, had a lovely lunch, and N & R gave me a CD with a bunch of excellent jazz and instrumental tracks on it (ambient music for me to play whilst writing. So great!) that I’ve already uploaded to my iPod.
Now my brain’s at the stage where I think: Clarion countdown is ON. Time for sloth is OFF.
Need to pack.
Need to do laundry first.
Need to switch out of holiday mode.
Need to make sure my camera has memory cards.
Need to charge the laptop battery.
Need to assemble notebooks and scraps of miscellaneous info.
Need to get a supply of chocolate snakes.


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