Because I haven’t eaten enough already…

…I’m meeting up with B, M, and A for brunch in an hour. Brunch on a Tuesday — how decadent! Then it’s back home to park my ass in front of the computer for a few hours, and then we’re meeting friends for a holiday/’farewell Lisa’ dinner at Thai Orchid. Mmmm thai food. Just watch the poundage increase…

New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Keep a diary of every non-thesis book I read this year (as described in an earlier post)
  2. Eat less
  3. Write more (of everything, thesis included, but mostly fiction)

Items 2&3 on this list involve what Chad and I lovingly refer to as ‘shedding friends’. Too many outings means that Lisa’s writing time dwindles at an alarming rate, while Lisa’s ass increases in direct proportion to the number of outings she takes. So, although I’m really happy to see friends I feel unhappy that I haven’t achieved as much, writing-wise (and diet-wise), as I’d like on the friends-heavy weeks.
I know, I know: things could be worse.
Still, if I believed in creating New Year’s resolutions, those would be them. I’m not going to set unreasonable goals for next year, but I think that the general mantra "Write More. Eat Less" will do me just fine. If I can do both of those things effectively, this kitten will be even happier.


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