Another gem from the Old Norse corpus

So I’ve been working on my ‘Nation’ chapter (and have been forever, I know) and part of that involves looking at some of the nicknames characters earn for various reasons. What I’m trying to suggest at the moment is that ‘logical nicknames’ (like the glorious example I am about to reveal) are important in establishing the medieval Icelanders’ sense of ‘national’ (and I use the word loosely here) identity.
Long story short, this example of a ‘logical nickname’ is awesome:

"There was a famous man in Norway called Olvir the Child-Sparer, a great viking. He wouldn’t have children tossed by spear-points as was the custom of vikings at the time, and that’s why he was called the Child-Sparer."

That nickname just screams out for a story to be written around it…



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