Normally, I have quite an affinity with small animals — y’know, like puppies, kittens, kids. Those sorts of creatures. But in the past few days I have been suffering from the Reverse Snow White Effect.
Io, KC’s elderly cat, once worshipped the ground I walked on. He was, in short, obsessed with me (probably because I’m allergic to cats, but couldn’t resist his Abssynian charms.) Now, Io is a fur-ball of hatred. His back did the Hallowe’en cat thing yesterday when I tried to give him a cuddle, and he even had the gall to hiss at me.
Leia, KC’s mini cat (who is a complete psycho, looks like an alien, and is irresistably cute), has bitten me more times than I can count, and she stalked me while I was trying to read in bed last night. Crouching down like a tiny panther, she seemed to think it was funny pouncing at my face while I read. Chad informs me that my response (chucking her across the bed, gently but firmly) means "Play with me" in kitty language, but swearing at her was not having the desired effect.
This afternoon, on the way up to my office, a juvenile magpie (breast all a-fluff with downy new feathers) — wait for it — chased me, looking for all the world like he wanted to peck my eyes out if he caught me.
Sigh. Where’re the dwarves when you need ’em?



    1. Yeah, it’s crazy. I can understand that the cats are acting up — kittens will be kittens, etc., and the older cat LOATHES the younger so he’s bound to be grouchy… But the bird? Je ne sais pas.

      1. Well, birds do tend to attach people in summer … guarding their nests … happens a lot in Brisneyland … or maybe you’re just giving off anti-bird rays? If a dog bites you in the ass at some point, them maybe you need an animal magnetism realignment!

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