Monday already

How did the weekend go so quickly?  Scratch that. I know how it went so quickly:

  1. Last minute quiz night preparations, and the event itself on Saturday. (Some people have said that it’s the best quiz night they’ve ever been to, so snaps for me & Chad. Still, I don’t know if I’ll ever organise another one, even though we are, by all accounts, Quiz Masters Extraordinaire!)
  2. Cleaned the ENTIRE house yesterday (Grrrr. Our landlord gave us ONE DAY’s notice about the annual ‘pest inspection’ so we had to waste a good chunk of our Sunday on drudgery.)
  3. After said drudgery was accomplished, I had the BEST nap. Ever. That is, until I was rudely awoken by a mosquito trying to jam his little sucker into my eye.
  4. Started working on a short short (or what I intend to be a short short, so if it ends up being less than 2,000 words I’ll be rapt.) And then proceeded to think about the story so much that I couldn’t get to sleep until about 2am (which had nothing to do with my excellent afternoon nap. Really.)

Now I’m at work and already the day is half gone… This is normally not a bad thing, except today’s ‘thesis time’ is being eaten away by ‘non-thesis’ work (i.e. work that pays). Just had lunch, am squeezing in a bit of LJ lovin’, and then it’s back to the grind.

Oh, and tomorrow I’m off to Tasmania. I’ve never been to Tasmania before, and I would be excited about going except for the fact that my flight is at 6am, I am going for a dreary Committee meeting (10-12:30), I will probably have to lunch with the stuffy board members after the meeting ends, and then my flight back to Adelaide is at 4:30.* So if I get a chance to see ANY of Hobart between lunch time and return flight time, I’ll be delighted.

*I think I’ll spend more time on the plane tomorrow than I will in Hobart.


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