Done and dusted

The ‘Movember’ quiz night was a huge success last night — about 125 people showed up for a night of festivities at Flinders, and all of our weeks of work raised $1483.00 for Prostate Cancer Research and beyondblue. Hooray! I was so wired after the event, I couldn’t sleep until nearly 4am, and now my brain has turned to dust.
When I finally got to sleep, I dreamt that I was a finalist for the ‘Writers of the Future’ contest, but they got my name wrong. Somehow, I just *knew* that THAT person’s name was my own… Weird.
Spent this morning cleaning our pigsty of a house (not finished yet, but I am feeling so sleepy now… The bed is uncovered, freshly sheeted, and so inviting…)
I got the greatest email replies from tallaudrey ‘s lovely Clarion alum pals, Jason and Peter, and now I feel very excited/much less nervous/nervous in different ways about Clarion.
OK. Brain = dust.
Sleep now.


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